A Giant Thanks to Fritzi Marie

When I lived in Mississippi, I wasn't very nice. I mean, I was, but I wasn't all that friendly. I wasn't a good friend, is what I mean. The depression was raging, and I was afraid of everything. We've discussed this. You've heard this story. It's boring.

Anyway, the point this time is that there was this poet in my program, Dan, who was(is) married to a lovely woman named Kat. Kat, my friends, was(is) just brimming with good taste. They invited me over for dinner once, and I couldn't stop squealing over all the delightful, beautiful things she had in their house. I mean, even her salad servers were stunning and unique. Were they carved wood trees? Or carved wood people? I can't remember, but I think about them often when I serve salad.

Anyway, point is, I stumbled on her blog awhile back, and it's now one I check obsessively. She always has something lovely to say and something lovely to look at. Her world is full of treasures and wishes. And that's a world I want to live in. For a long time, I didn't admit I read because I wasn't good at being friends when I knew Kat, and I felt bad. But when I finally fessed up to reading, Kat said we were friends! And she was nice! And I was so very glad.

This week, dear Kat sent me a package. Just because she's nice, and because she believes in sending pretty mail, and because I said I was looking for a tea set. Look how lovely this is:

[teacup, gorgeous card, and a little wish notebook]

[this is precisely what i had in mind when i imagined a pretty teacup.]

[wish book, unwrapped.]

So you see, I had to take pictures and say a giant thanks to Kat. It made my week. Check out Kat's blog, Fritzi Marie. She makes such a lovely world over there. And being friends with Kat makes my world lovelier, too.


Parker said…
Pretty Deja,

I am so happy that your teacup set arrived safe and sound. You, my dear, made my whole week! Mississippi was a wonderful time but it was hard too. What I love most about "us" is that we went through "it" together. I think you are amazing and I am so thankful to call you my friend.

love and hugs,
Tia and Amara said…
Beautiful teacup. I love your friend's blog too. Funny and down to earth. I'm too chicken to comment on there though..
Parker said…
Dear Tia and Amara,

I just checked in and saw your comment. Don't be chicken, I love making new friends. Also, any friend of Deja's is a friend of mine.


Kat of Fritzi Marie
belann said…
Lovely. Lovely. Tell Fritzi Marie thanks from your momma for being so kind.

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