Everything is Already Lovely

Do you recall this post, wherein I describe the strategy of letting go of my taxing "shoulds" and instead writing down good things in five categories in order to remind myself that everything, really, is already just fine? Already lovely, even?

I keep coming back to this strategy. I leave off for awhile, when life gets unruly, but when I'm ready to come back to myself and get creative again, I know this is the place to start. I just started a few days ago, and already I'm journaling big ideas, big hopes and dreams and writing plans. When I first wrote the post, I said I might post my list on occasion, and I thought I'd start doing that. Here, my friends, is my list from a few days ago.

Everything is Already Lovely

1. Human Connections: Talking with Sam, strategizing about our lives while we cleaned the kitchen and I made fresh carrot/apple/celery/beet juice. Playing with Baby this morning before we went downstairs. Handing her one toy at a time to try them out and laughing when she shoved them in her mouth with eager pleasure.

2. Food: morning green smoothie with pineapple juice, spinach, yogurt, frozen mango.

3. God: Feeling lonely and strange in my new ward, praying for help and having God answer in the next meeting's lesson, showing me how to be humble and grateful and connected.

4. Goals: Writing this list, blogging more, beginning work on more serious projects, reading a good and inspiring book about Mormon women.

5. Beauty: My made bed. My baby, stopping to look up at me in the middle of nursing when she hears my voice. Watching Sam make the baby laugh.

Tell me: what's already lovely for you these days?


Amara said…
OK, I'll play. I really "should" do this anyway because I'm struggling with sadness.
Human interactions: I've really been able to connect with all three of my children in the last couple of days with what feels like a divine gift of circumstances to help me have one on one time.

Food: Discovered when coconut milk gets cold and whipped, it's an amazing creamer to add to anything --but especially hot protein chocolate.

God: I couldn't sleep last night, and asked for help, and was given a memory of Gramma Hansen holding me in her arms when I had a nightmare at her house and telling me stories for hours. Major comfort factor.

Goals: I finally started back into family history, and already think I may have found a name I overlooked! I thought I was stuck and this killed my goal of working on it for almost a year.

Beauty: The sun came out today --I'm going to go hike in the picture postcard that's my town. Right now!

Deja said…
I love your list, Amara!! Especially that memory of Grandma. That made me weepy.
belann said…
It is lovely for me to read this post and my other daughter's response. Truly lovely.
Stacy said…
Everything is already lovely. It's perfect. It makes me think of the movie Midnight in Paris--it's the antidote to the golden age syndrome. I'm so glad you're blogging more and that I get a peek into your charming and poetic life.
Deja said…
thanks, stacy! so glad you're reading my posts, and i love that movie. cheers to you!

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