Thursday, October 30, 2008

Did you know ...

that it is possible to hiccup while you sleep?

Sam was sleepy. Very sleepy.

Sam had hiccups. The mean, painful sort.

I gave him water. Salty crackers.

Nothing helped.

Sam fell asleep.

Sam snored.

Sam snored, then hiccuped loud like a seal, then snored some more. Repeat.

Ultimately, the man slept, snored, and hiccuped on the couch.


Wise Family said...

Deja, you amaze me. I love your writing! Thanks for making my day.

kathy said...


Kira said...
Check out this cat womans thing. I thought it would be a great decorating idea for your little home :)....P.S. you might want to try ear plugs, silicone ones, Wal-mart.

Amara said...

I've got a well used set of earplugs myself. Never hiccups AND snoring though. Sam's special.

belann said...

Poor Sam. Miss you both.