We Walked, New Winglandly.

Sam and I took a wee walk today, around a reservoir near our house. I've gone there a few times, and for some reason, that place feels more New Englandy than any other place I've been. So I always end up walking around, chanting in my head, "New Englandy, New Englandy, New Englandy." Which inevietably leads to remembering a principle of linguisitics that Sam told me about, which is that it's nigh unto impossible to actually say New England, with a real E. Our tongues blend the words together so that, despite our best intentions, we say New Wingland. Try it. Bet you can't say Eng.

So this time I took some pictures, because the fall colors are really starting to pop. Pretty, no? We're liking this place more and more. Especially since this week has shown us temperatures that hovered around 70. Didn't Utah get SNOW today? Bless your frosted hearts.

My favorite building on the path--an old waterworks building, which is now a museum.
It was sunny, so Sam protected his head.
Then, he got silly, as he's wont to do.
Then, we posed with the creeping blood-red vines.
Handsome bloke, no?

You can see downtown Boston from this side of the water. Here it's covered by the blushing botanicals.
There's a little yellow house that I'm dying to live in. Can you spot it? Sam says he'll buy me one just like it some day as long as I'll let him board up the windows against zombie attacks. He worries a lot about zombie attacks.

A fuller view of the bleeding vines.
A shot that's attempting to be arty, but is not so arty because my camera's not a diva and I don't have skillz. Still, you get the idea.


Amara said…
Virginia creeper --or "Boston Ivy". I would have those vines all over my house if Jeff would let me. They kind of tear shingles, siding and stucco off. I'd STILL have them if he'd consent. I love that color they get. Love the yellow house. I always like yellow houses. If he buys it for you, I'll need to do an extended visit.
belann said…
Can we go there when we come? It looks beautiful. Also, could you guarantee the 70's weather?
kathy said…
Christopher also worries about zombie attacks. We even bought a zombie apocalypse survival guide that we're giving to his little brother for Christmas. Must be a guy thing...
Sad for a While said…
Oh, just you wait, and you'll be up to your ears in snow--maybe literally, though I haven't seen the weather in Boston quite that bad since I was in elementary school.

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