At the Prom, with Kitty

Tonight I made tasty white bean basil/thyme hummus, which is in the bowl there. Only, my thyme migrated to the back of the fridge and got frozen, as you see there.

My time got frozen, I thought while squeezing a lemon. Frozen in thyme. And suddenly I was at the prom. Is that not the theme for 97,000 proms a year?

In other news, while eating said hummus, which was not as good as the last time I made it, which makes it a bummer I doubled it, this is what the cat did. He was, himself, frozen like that for most of the meal. (Yes, my kitchen rug is yucky. Fire me please. Please, fire me.)

He did that right up until he decided to do this.

I would give my left arm to know what happens in that little guy's brain.


belann said…
I still wonder why he felt compelled to pull the stopper from our bathroom sink and carry it around the house. He is one crazy cat.
Mike and Emily said… the reskape!

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