Don't be Frightened; It's Only Tofu

Made this for dessert, a chocolate tofu pie. Easy, EASY recipe.

This is what you do:

Blend one package of silken tofu with one t of vanilla.
Melt one bag of chocolate chips over medium heat in a little sauce pan.
Mix tofu stuff and chocolatey goodness. Taste. Add a little sugar-type substance if it needs it.
Pour (scrape) into pie shell.
Refrigerate until set. (The recipe said three hours; mine took one.)
Put it in your tummy.

It ain't perfectly healthy, but I like Sunday desserts. Especially on fast Sunday.


Kira said…
Remember when we used to make something similar in "the hole". Sounds yummy.
Amara said…
Yum. Except sometimes I just eat the bag of chocolate chips instead....
Meeshab said…
i'm going to try it, and not tell anyone what it is until after, ha ha ha ha ha ha. I can see the look on their faces now! Did Sam eat it?
Deja said…
Seriously. You can't tell its tofu unless you really try. Sam liked it.

But, a warning: it is SUPER rich. You might think you need another smidgen after your slice, but DON'T DO IT. It's not true. Your brain is lying. The first smidge was more than enough. Ouch my head hurt last night.
I *heart* Tofu. And You, also that. I can't wait to try this one out on my friends...You know, tell them it's jell-o pudding or something, then spring the tofu on them after while they're smiling and rubbing their bellies. Should be fun.
Mike and Emily said… straight with me...does it really taste like a viable desserty item? I'm a little tofu wary...but I trust your taste buds...
Anonymous said…
Tofu... brings me back to when Mom would make it on the side like chicken and put soy sauce on it. MMMM... not.
Stephanie said…
This isn't related to your post but I just read your comment on my blog and saw your picture and it reminded me of when that picture was taken. Do you remember? It had been a year since I'd graduated and I'd come to visit you and Emmer and we took pictures in the park. I also remember that trip and how you and Em being such thoughtful friends that you were decided to assist me in getting kissed. Oh the memories...I do miss you gals a lot.
Vegan Mothering said…
Tofu is actually THE most versitale food in the world. Really. You can make anything with it: stir-fry, sour cream, whipped cream, puddings, "cheese" cake, ect. ect. ect.

I read your post about America's Next Vegan...funny, because I remember when I was transitioning and it really bothered me because it seemed like all I did was read about food, thought about food, cooked food ect. That lasted for a few months (although I still love to cook and find new recipes), but the obsession is over and life returns. I think it's a coping mechanism or something, so you learn everything you need to to be vegan in a non vegan world. It's a little surreal for a bit, but then just watch, in a little bit you'll be eating out with your friends, enjoying your meal and your friends will be like you're vegan? And you'll be like, what, oh that, I didn't even notice or, oh I almost's just not a big deal to you anymore, but to other people it is.
Sam Ruddick said…
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belann said…
I think Rosie, Ophrah's cook's recipe was similar. Very tasty.

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