I Want to Hug It

We went for a walk at some park yesterday.

I took a lot of pictures like the one below to illustrate two points: 1. Pretty. 2. It is so not spring yet. What a jerk.

We found these spiky things, which reminded me of being in elementary school at Golden Avenue in Lemon Grove, CA. We would have spiky-thing wars. Why someone would have a tree that produced spikes at an elementary school is beyond me. War hurts.

Our favorite part was the Canada Geese. Sam was particularly impressed. Here's a bit of dialogue.

Sam: What kind of creature is that?

Deja: A Canada Goose.

Sam: I want to hug it.

And off he went, after the goose. Here's a shot of him trying to get close. That's about as close he got because I told him they are notoriously violent. Is that true? I'm pretty sure that's true.

Like I said, we liked the geese. Which caused us to be disturbed by this sign.

Define "degrade" please. Who says it's your park, Bub?

Do you think this begins my transition into a rabid, protesting Vegan? Yikes.


Mike and Emily said…
I have three comments on geese. They make funny honking noises. They are notoriously violent. They poop ALOT, all over creation, literally littering the landscape with inch after inch of feces. That may be why they said degrade.
Amara said…
I remember the poop from the park in Colorado (remember all the Canada geese there?), but I'll put up with a lot of poop to see these guys. They are so classy looking. Regular white or grey geese I'm really frightened of. They are scary violent. I've never been close enough to the Canadas to know (and Jeff always says "Canadian geese" which is wrong. Someone had to make THAT comment).
Alobar said…
They are good to chase and eat if you can catch them. They will turn on you and bite your ears and nose if they get a chance.
Alobar said…
Oh yeah, and their poop doesn't taste as good as cat poop, but I'll eat it in apinch
Spencer G said…
Geese are very fowl--ha ha--tempered. Seriously. Got my brother bit by one twice trying to get a picture of him hugging it. And I think by "degrade" they mean "poop all over with reckless abandon," which, Vegan or no, you must admit has some validity, no?
Deja said…
Oh, yeah, poop. I forgot that part.

Wasn't much of it there, actually. Maybe these were considerate geese.
belann said…
I guess the Canada geese are almost home again--being in Boston and all. Or, do they forget where home is and just reside in Boston thinking they have gone "far enough, thank you." Boston is a nice place in the summer.
I'm glad Sam enjoyed the geese, but I'm glad he didn't try to hug one.
Kira said…
We have a ton of them at Bountiful Lake. I like to see them and feed them, although there is a lot of Poop, is that the price? I think though it was their home first.

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