Maybe It Ain't So Bad

So today I made fat free vegan waffles and I know you're groaning over there, imagining how hard and icky those would be. But you know what? They rocked. And not as in hard as rocks, but really genuine rocking. Wow they were good. Especially with my special berry sauce, which really isn't special, just tasty. Come to my house. I'll make you healthy waffles.

Also, Sam and I went on a walk because it was sunny and gorgeous and there were little tiny flowers, so there are SOME flowers up in this hood.

He made me walk up this hill that was enormously steep, which was fine because there was a pretty little park at the top with a stone wall and a view of Boston and happy people were sitting on the stone, and I was in this lovely mood so I kept asking Sam if we could have a picnic some day at this pretty park, and I don't think he was digging my four-year-old-ed-ness. Whatever though, because if I make the food and I put it in a basket and I tell him we're eating at the pretty park, he'll follow the dinner. Maybe. Or maybe he'll just go get Reeses PB cups, because he's really into those lately.

While we walked Sam did what he always does: thinks about whether or not zombies can get into people's houses. If I say a house is pretty, he has to decide whether it's safe from a zombie attack. Emergency Preparedness and all.

And he thinks he isn't Mormon.

He's going to hate that I just said that.

Anyway, so while we were talking about zombies, my right knee gave out, which it so rudely does on downhill slopes. And after whining not a little, I realized if I kept it straight, it didn't hurt as bad. So I walked the rest of the way home like a zombie, of all things. I eat brains.

And while I'm telling you every detail of our eventless walk, let me also say that I found a lovely, soft, pussy-willow type object. Really, I don't know what it was, but it was this stick with soft tufts as grey and delicate as baby seal fur. I had to yank and grunt to break it off of its mother-plant (don't worry, someone had already cut it down so I wasn't killing it.), but it was worth it. I spent the rest of the walk brushing it lightly across my cheek. I tried to brush it lightly across Sam's cheek but he didn't like it. He jerked his head back and looked like I'd come at him with a dagger. But then I drew it lightly across the inside of his palm, and he liked that much better.

Therefore, spring is perhaps closer than I think.


eden said…
sounds like a perfectly lovely day.
belann said…
I'm glad you went for a walk and saw the pussy willow. Sounds like Spring to me.
Mike and Emily said…
What if it was some kind of larvae in utero??? FUZZY LARVAE!!!! THAT would fit perfectly into your lovely zombie walk. They do make hills steep out there...what were they thinking?
kathy said…
Christopher is also aware of the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. It's an important thing to be concerned about.
I think my David and your Sam would get along very well! That park sounds wonderful.
Bryson & Tara said…
Deja, I love how you can capture your reader's attention, even when you're just writing about an "eventless walk"! You have talent.

By the way, I don't remember if I already mentioned this or not, but no worries about not knowing I had updated my blog! I was just glad to hear from you!

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