Moon Lamp Before+After+Cat

A year or so ago, I found this baby lamp at the thrift store. I think I paid a couple bucks for it, thinking I'd revamp it at some point since I wasn't crazy about the yellow gingham. A few weeks ago I thought I'd tackle the project, and found this stretchy turquoise lace fabric in my stash. I used modge podge and some hot glue to cover it (which was ... maybe not the best method, but it got the job done), and here's the after.

And because he hopped up right as I was taking pictures and looked so picturesque, here's Meatsock with the Moon.
Cat + Moon


Amara said…
How did you know stretchy blue lace would make it perfect? Does this sort of thing count as inspiration? Because I think it should.
belann said…
Love the lamp. Do you think you could get a shot of Meatsock jumping over it? New rhyme for baby.

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