The Nursery

I posted some Instagram pictures of the nursery on Facebook (oh gosh, I'm getting so social media-y!), and though Instragram pictures are charming, it's hard to really see what's going on in the ones I took, so here are some more, with details. I'm not done with it, but I'm more done than I thought I'd get, so here it is.

Here's a shot from (one of the) doorways. (There are three (!) doorways.) I made all of the rugs. Crocheted them from strips of fabric that I cut myself. Should I tell you more about how I did it? They took forever, but they are exactly what I had in mind, and I couldn't find anything like it in the real world.
That's the dresser we found on the side of the road. I got the knobs on clearance at Anthropologie (the top two are golden snails, the bottom ones are turquoise-y and gold. It still needs a little love, but I love it. I love that it's full of her little cupcake suits.
My dear friends came over and put the crib together. They have three new babies between them (a set of twins and a little girl) and I got to hold the babies while they did everything. It was incredibly kind of them. My fantastic mother-in-law painted the bookcase yellow for us. And can you see the moon and the monster? You've met them before.
This is the built-in, full of my newly organized crafting stuff. Did I mention that my friend Russanne is the reason why this room is at all organized and together? Her help was invaluable. People have been good to me.
I have yet to give this the position of beauty I have in mind for it, but it's an antique blessing dress I found in Brockenhurst, England--the small town my ancestors immigrated from. It's so meaningful to me. I have some ideas of how to display it better; I just haven't gotten to them yet. So for now, it stays here and makes me happy when I see it.
One more shot of the room. I still need to find a rocking chair or some sort of seating, but I'll get there. I like how much of this space shows the work I put into the room while I bed rested. I would lie awake at night, insomnia raging, and think about how I wanted this room to look. Sometimes it felt like the only thing that kept me going. I'd come up with an idea, and then wake up and work on whatever I had in mind. I'd also worry obsessively that somehow I'd put it all together and it just wouldn't work. That I'd do all of these projects and I was finally ready to put them in this space, they'd just look awful together. And though this isn't perfectly what I had in mind, it's pretty darn close. And I like it. 


I love love LOVE it! What a lovely place to bring your sweet girl home! I love you :)
Russanne said…
I find often that most things I have set in my mind never really come out how I perfectly expect it too. And it's always so great when I don't really mind.

Wish that I could have helped you more!

Genevieve Beck said…
It is gorgeous! The house itself is so beautiful and then how you've decorated makes it just perfect--you and your friends have a great eye! I'm just so happy at how things are going for you with your little girl!
Amara said…
Really really beautiful. I love it. I think if you trust your gut, and only put things that you love in a room, it's bound to turn out amazing --but maybe that's just because you have great taste.
mk said…
It's GORGEOUS!!! You need to come decorate my home now. :)
Giuli said…
I am in love with your house. The wood floors and wood trim make me want to cry. I'm so sick of the booring untrimmed stucco houses out here in Arizona. One day, I will be in an old house again. Your dear little one will love it!
belann said…
Looks so cute. She will love it.
Bryson and Tara said…
I absolutely LOVE this room. It is so beautiful, unique, and bright. Best of luck with the next few weeks. Hope everything goes well! :)

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