Our Anniversary, Across the Table

Our fourth wedding anniversary was at the end of July, right around when I hit 28 weeks. And behold! A dress still fit me! 

We went out to dinner at a place we'd heard about called Craigie on Main, and it was a lovely meal. The weird part: One of their specials was pig's head. As in, the entire pig's head. We asked about it, mostly out of horror (we're both latent vegetarians, I think), and the waitress commenced telling us all about it--how they'd cut it in half for us, how everything was so tasty and we could eat all of it--the ears and the cheeks and the on an on. I think Sam held up his hand for her to stop. And we didn't order the pig's head. But we had a lovely time. Here we are, across the table from each other, clearly in love.


Amara said…
I just went through a recipe on Kuidaore for "Bucatini alla Carbonara" and she talks about using guanciale --pig jowl. I thought 'that must mean something different than what I think it means --who would save the poor pig's cheek to eat as a delicacy?' Yeah. I guess I was wrong.
ginger said…
Ooh, we did Craigie a little before we left and were also intrigued by the pig's head. I wanted to want to try it...but I just didn't.
Annie said…
There's nothing like sharing a split pig's head to celebrate marital commitment. That's what your waitress was probably thinking.
belann said…
It would have made an interesting picture for your blog, but I think two faces in love had the pig's head beat.

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