Shower the First

So, here I am, against all predictions, still pregnant. I'm 36 and a half weeks now, which just blows my mind. And she shows no sign of imminent arrival. I mean, I'm uncomfortable. Really, profoundly uncomfortable most of the time. It's a little absurd. And there have been some scares with low fluid and contractions and the like, but everything is pretty much fine now, aside from the fact that she's stubbornly breech. They're going to try to turn her next week, which will apparently be an incredibly painful procedure. But hey, if it turns her around, it's worth it, right? (Right?!!)

Anyway, way back when we were worried she wouldn't even make it 28 weeks, some dear and lovely friends (Russanne, Emily, Sarah) threw me a shower. Since I was on bed rest, they did it at my house, and the loyal Russanne came and cleaned up the place and decorated while I sat on the couch. This was only slightly awkward, since I so longed to help. But Russanne is an absolute professional at organizing and decorating. It was a marvel to witness. And didn't it turn out beautifully? It was sort of a woodland theme, with the snails and the owls. And see those big puffy things? I love them so.

The spread. Which was so fresh and summery and lovely.
There's the little lady herself, in that frame. I haven't posted any ultrasound pictures, eh? Well, there's one. 
Here I am opening a giant present. Even my toes are excited. 
My friend Sarah came up with some lovely games (and I'm generally not so keen on shower games). We all wrote the story of our own birth on a index card, then we traded them around and read them and had to guess which story belonged to whom. She also collected quotes from popular children's books and we had to identify which books they came from. Are those not brilliant ideas?

These are the three shower throwers. They are some of my favorite people in all the land.
How many pictures can I exhibit before you totally lose interest? There were such lovely lovely gifts. My friend Sarah made me a baby sling out of the most gorgeous fabric. Oh, it's so gorgeous. Russanne gave me this dress and bonnet she found at an estate sale and holy moly it's incredible. Smocking and handmade and did I mention a bonnet was included? Folks gave me an awesome activity gym and books and a little baby seat and swaddle blankets and the most charming onesies with cats wearing sunglasses and snails listening to music and and and. Generous souls, these. And since the look on my face in the picture below captures how I felt about the whole thing, I'll include this picture of a quilt that my master quilter friend Emily made. This lady knows what I love. In fact, I love it so that I haven't made the baby a quilt myself, since this one captures what I had in mind for her. Can you see that look on my face? I look like I'm going to weep. The whole day made me feel weepy, actually. How could it not? Really, how could it not?

The quilt in its glory. And it is glory, no?


Amara said…
Me first! Full term lady! I'm all excited too with all of my exclamation points! At least I'm not writing in all caps. It could be worse. You look great in the pictures. Love the quilt too.
Rachel Goldberg said…
So excited for you, Deja -- you have come so far, and are now so close! My daughter Lia was breech, and I had an external version to turn her at 37 weeks. On my OB's advice, I did some acupuncture and moxibustion (burning this herb stick near your pinkie toes, which apparently is the acupuncture point that correlates to the uterus.) It didn't hurt at all, and I was skeptical, but she started really moving around in there! The acu. wasn't enough to turn her on her own, but my OB felt that it "loosened" things up, and the external version was successful! Yes, it hurts (lots of external pressure on your belly), but if it works, it works really quickly. The whole thing was done in 90 seconds. And if it doesn't work, they just stop, they don't force it. Good luck either way!
belann said…
Well this momma is weepy reading the post. I'm so grateful you have made it so far, and so grateful for lovely friends that were so kind to my baby. All blessings as far as I'm concerned.
ginger said…
So fab that you're still a lovely pregnant lady and what wonderful company you enjoyed for that shower. I wish I could have been there!
I super duper excited for you Deja. What a big moment for you. It's even better that you've come this far. Lovely shower, & friends. You're a lucky girl.
Russanne said…
This post was beautiful. So glad to have you as my friend! Can't believe it's been two months since that shower and baby girl is still sitting put! SO wonderful.
Jana said… shower ever and best ladies ever. You are doing such a great job Deja!!! Keep up the good work mama!

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