Dear Henrietta, this is why I married your father.

[These are all things I overheard him say/sing to you on a single day: February 13, 2013.]

[picking you up] "Come here. I want to talk to you about something. I haven't decided what yet."  

"Let's hold one another. You start." 

[singing to the tune of "White Christmas"] "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,  and I'll have to wait a long time. When it's time for Christmas, we'll celebrate it on an isthmus ...." 

"The reasons for Christianity are as follows: 1. Jesus 2. Vlad the Impaler."

"Let's put your sock back on and then you can kick it off again, okay, little Syssaphys-y? Syssaphys-ette." 

"Should we listen to the State of the Union address, Kitty? Or should we just take a nap?"

[singing] "Oh my gosh, you are up in the air! Oh my gosh, you have a little bit of hair! Oh my gosh, you're getting eyebrows! Oh my gosh, you're getting eyebrows! Oh my gosh, let's go have daddy's head shrunk!"

[getting ready to play his guitar] "Let's see if you can figure out that in this case correlation and causation are in fact the same."

[when finished playing guitar] "I just thought I'd serenade you for a minute." [He pauses and leans down, as if listening.] "No, that's actually not a cross between Sara and marinade." 

"There's slime all down the side of your face. Let's wipe it off and then ... we'll take a nap!" 

"Oh, oh! I'm sorry that you are young and easily confused. Daddy is old and easily confused."

"You don't have to have [your pacifier] if you don't want it. No one has to do anything they don't want to do. Except for people who live in Russia. Or China."  

[wiping drool] "It's a full-time job just keeping you civilized." 

"Are you a person or a chimpanzee? Please clarify." 

You see, your dad is the most interesting person in the whole world, to me. And he makes me feel like the most interesting person in the whole world. If these words are any indication, I think he'll do the same for you. That, I think, is love. 

Happy first Valentine's Day.




Amara said…
Oh man. That's why I love being around him. Hilarious and clever. Thanks for bringing him into our family.
Russanne said…
I laughed and laughed while reading this. I miss your family so much!

Also I am really loving your beautifully simple blog makeover!
Lisa H. said…
HAHA! And I sometimes call Maud Sisyphus, too!
Deja said…
That' was a really nice thing to thank me for, Amara.

Thanks, Russy! We miss your family, too. And I'm finding I like the blog looking about as simple as possible. Glad you like.

Lisa, babies are just kind of Sisyphus-y in general, right? Sam's always wanted a cat named Sissy Fuss.
Unknown said…
Funny....funny...move closer to us!
-kira :)
mk said…
This is hilarious. Miss you guys.
Lizzie Jones said…
Beautifully sweet, what an adorable man you've married. She'll be quoting his one-liners for the rest of her life.
lgandrews said…
I believe I must agree with all the previous comments in spirit and fact! You have such wise friends! Miss seeing you and yet I love feeling your presence in reading your missives each day or so. I get share in your day and you share your spirit with us ! Thanks~ LG
belann said…
He always makes me giggle for sure. He will keep little HP on her toes as she becomes more aware of the subtle humor in all that he says. We love him.
Stacy said…
Sam should write a book of nonsense poetry called Christmas on an Isthmus. I would buy it.
Annie said…
Funny! HP will be the only one in kindergarten to know who Syssaphys is (including the teacher.)
Deja said…
You guys are lovely. Thanks for enjoying.

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