Everything is Already Lovely

I thought I'd do another one of these. This is a compilation of several days--my life isn't quite this shiny all at once. But join me, in the comments, if you're so inclined. I would love to read your lists.

1. Human Interaction. *Walking around the New England Quilt Museum with Sam and Henrietta Plum. Listening to the white-haired woman with a hip, asymmetrical haircut tell us about the ones with sticks (and other strange objects) sewn into them. *Talking with someone at church who seemed genuinely excited to see me. Maybe I have a friend? (!) *Teaching the Young Women at church about choice and accountability. They were smart and savvy and interesting to talk to. *Whispering in HP's ear about Jesus during church.

2. Food. *Ribollita. I used the recipe from this book, which is my favorite book about food ever ever ever. Will probably do a post in praise of that book soon. *Green smoothie with pineapple juice, greek yogurt, frozen mango, and spinach. *Working on recreating The Swami bowl from this place. I'm so close to perfecting it. I'll probably post that too, once I've truly mastered it.

3. God. *Sitting down to write my lesson for church, after having thought about it and studied for it all week, and having it come out on the page easily, as if He was helping me know what to say and when to say it. *Praying for my family whilst chopping veggies for dinner.

4. Goals. *Nearly done with a quilt. *Made a grocery list for healthy meals, prepped healthy meals for much of today. *Blogged. *Worked on essay for publication.

5. Beauty. *The pattern on the top of my fresh-pressed carrot/apple/celery/beet juice, which looked all swirly and psychedelic, like something out of the 70s. I wanted a big long maxi dress out of that look. *The melting snow streaming and glittering off the tops of buildings in downtown Lowell. I stood on the steps of the library and tried to figure out how to capture that image, settling on writing it up in my list. *Newly hung art on our walls. *Gorgeous dresses for HP from Savers. *The sounds HP makes now, loud and happy and sweet. *The snow blowing through the trees out our windows this morning, haunting and clouded and pristine, all at once.


Amara said…
Those are some beautiful things. I need to make my list today. OK, there's a goal. Sometimes I forget, and get brittle and fragile and coiled up tight.
Lisa H. said…
After reading your blog, I looked up "An Everlasting Meal" and then "How to Cook a Wolf" on Amazon and began previewing pages. I am pretty much obsessed. I love everything about her philosophy on cooking and life.

Oh, and although I don't always get a chance to comment, I want you to know that I always read your blog and LOVE everything you've been posting.
Deja said…
Amara, brittle and fragile and coiled up tight is SUCH an apt description for what happens when I don't do it.

And Lisa, isn't she marvelous? I've read the chapter on vegetables over and over. I haven't read her other book, but I clearly should. I read Everlasting Meal one night near the end of my pregnancy when I couldn't sleep, and I finished it in one go. And thanks for reading! I'm so glad you're here.

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