Rattling Around in My Brain: Asking Questions and a Question

This quotation from Dieter F. Uchdorf  makes me glad to be alive.

"Asking questions isn't a sign of weakness. It's a precursor of growth. God commands us to seek answers to our questions and asks only that we seek with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ. When we do so, the truth of all things can be manifest to us by the power of the Holy Ghost. Fear not. Ask questions. Be curious."

from "The Reflections in the Water"

In an unrelated question, would you lend me a hand? My friend suggested I have a list of favorite posts from this blog on the sidebar, and I like this idea, but I'm wondering what your favorite is. Is there a post (or more than one) that your remember and quite liked? If so, do tell. 


Amara said…
I taught a lesson on Joseph Smith for Relief Society last Sunday. I was especially glad to do it, because I'd had this quilting thing recently with ladies in my ward where I said some things about him that made them all go silent. Has that ever happened to you? You know all KINDS of stuff is going on in their heads, but they "don't say anything at all". My point is, I brought up that Rough Stone Rolling book and was able to say --It's OK to look for answers, God is never an enemy to truth. The wonderful thing about Joseph Smith is that he got more amazing the more I learned about him. Some things were hard to take at first --you want everything to fit in the original mold you had for it in your brain, but if you throw away that mold and explore, the truth itself is more compelling and beautiful.
Deja said…
You're perfect to teach that lesson. I'm so glad they had you do it. And that idea--of throwing away the mold and then things get more compelling and beautiful--I'm going to keep that in my brain. Thank you.
belann said…
Well said my daughters. I liked all the posts :)
belann said…
I decided that I really liked the grandmas in the kitchen blog, but I really like so many it is hard to decide.

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