We've Learned An Important Lesson

Henrietta tries out the Pacific, and finds it bafflingly cold. 

Well, we've learned an important lesson: when I'm on vacation with my family, blogging doesn't happen. Henrietta and I were in California, visiting my parents and my sisters and their families. It was basically heaven: warm and sunny and Henrietta giggled profusely.

I hope to get back to regularly scheduled programming soon, but in the meantime, here's a guest post that went up last week at Doves and Serpents. It's another part of my "Of Jobs and Motherhood" story. In short, when I was pregnant I applied and got accepted to Divinity School at Harvard and Boston College. It was heady and exciting, and then confusing. Check out the post to read more.


belann said…
I don't think you will ever be sorry for that choice.
Giuli said…
I totally love Henrietta's little combo of leg rolls and skinniness at the same time. How do babies accomplish that? I love the arm roll, in the lower forearm that fades away as they get older. No matter how fat adults get, they never have the forearm roll, or the wrist crease, for that matter. She's adorable!
Why exactly did you want to go to Divinity school? Just wondering the purpose, other than of course, learning. But would it open another career path for you? Help you earn more money? Also, what would your master's degree would have been? A master's in Divinity? Sorry if I'm sounding really dumb here...
Deja said…
Thanks, Guili! I also admire how she manages the chub and the slim simultaneously.
Deja said…
Janae, it's sort of a long story, but most of it was learning. I considered being a(n unordained) hospital Chaplin, but I probably would have used it more to learn about and research ideas related to my writing. In the end, it probably wouldn't have been worth the additional student loan price tag. I would have been funded, but only partially. And partial funding at Harvard is not nearly enough. Not a dumb question at all!

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