News of a Happy Sort

Remember the car trouble? It was supposed to cost 1000 smackers to repair. I paid 50 bucks.

Special thanks to my father, who, every time I called to give him the scoop said, "Noooooo." He figured out the part should be covered under the Federal Emissions warranty, whatever that means. He's a brilliant, usefully-cynical man.

And special thanks to the garage, who charged me NOTHING for the hours they spent ordering and installing a part, battling with the Toyota dealership on my behalf, etc. I will be bringing them donuts in the morning.

And, on a non-car note, I've been saving a gift certificate Sam's mom gave me for Christmas for, well, since Christmas. This is odd behavior for me. Usually those things burn a hole in my pocket. I just felt a need to hold onto it for something special. Today it occurred to me buy a pretty dress for the Paris ballet. And so I did. A pretty black and white one with shiny silver shoes (see below). What do I need besides shiny silver shoes? Nothing. Nothing at all. So thanks to the mother-in-law, too.

I fly away tomorrow. I feel like a princess. A very lucky (spoiled?) princess.


Amara said…
MMMMMMM. Paris Ballet. I told Jeff when we go (it's still an "if" in his mind) to Paris we need to do it right like that --ballets, cafes, dressing up. You NEEEEEDED that dress. I'm so happy for you!
Terry Earley said…
Good to be useful and cynical. Not so sure about being brilliant.
eden said…
i love that you feel like a princess! good for you!

i'm so much looking forward to hearing what happens on your trip.

safe traveling! i'm sure it will be absolutely wonderful!
Mike and Emily said…
deja...have the most lovely time. drink up the beautiful city and your beauty in the city and the delight of exploring a foreign city by oneself...
belann said…
Enjoy every minute in those silver shoes. Just heard you are in Paris in one piece. Hope the trip is the wonderful honeymoon you and Sam hope for.

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