Holding Umbrellas Aloft

A very rainy day in Paris.

We were damp and cold. A bad day to wear sandals, which I bravely donned after looking at weather.com, which said it was going to be sunny as could be today. Imagine my horror when I emerged from the metro to a downpour. I no longer trust those guys for international weather.

Still, that didn't keep us from ...

Sacre Couer.

Or even from climbing the 300 steps to the dome so we could see this:

And this:

See? Damp, but pleased (at least I am--Sam was concentrating on taking the picture.) on top of the dome.

And it may have been perfect weather to see l'Orangerie's Monets.

They're in these bright, gorgeous, oval-shaped rooms. This should give you a sense. I took this one at the tail-end of Sam doing a dance. He prefers dancing to smiling in pictures.

Sam risked his life to stand in the rain, in the middle of the Champs Elysees, and take this picture. I was taking one from much further away, and he grabbed my camera and insisted on getting me a better one. Gallant man. Can you see the Arc de Triomphe at the end there? It's huge up close, much bigger than I imagined.

It also wasn't too rainy to have dinner on the tiny Saint-Louis island, in the middle of the Seine. I didn't get a picture, but it was pretty there, even in the rain. We had the famous Berthillon ice cream for dessert. I didn't even know it was famous until we got here, but now that I've had it, it's famous in my tummy. Sam had the pistachio, which I must say was better than my chocolate, as good as my chocolate was.

And that was the very rainy day in Paris. Lovely, but tiring. My theory is that rain makes traveling more exhausting because you have to always be stepping carefully and hunching your shoulders and dashing across intersections and holding umbrellas aloft. Now we're home, in warm clothes, cozied up with our laptops and a down comforter. One more day in Paris and then on to London.

Thanks for your comments on these little traveling posts, friends. You've been so kind.


Terry Earley said…
Now you are making me want to go back again. We were too rushed before. Glad the rain did not ruin it for you. --washed the poop away.

The city was probably designed with that in mind. Who needs public toilets anyway??
Sam Ruddick said…
they got some coffee eating right through the cup, and when you go ca-ca they make you stand up.
belann said…
You will probably remember the rainy day more--hunched and all. Still sounds lovely. We do need to return.
Deja said…
Sam is quoting a Frank Zappa song, just so you know ...
Kira said…
I was thinking Sam was just wierd :) Thank you for doing a day by day play by play. I am pretty sure I will not ever get there. I have always wanted to go but I married a farm boy and that is not really high on his list. Although I could get him back to Hawaii in a minute.
Mike and Emily said…
More loveliness. I look forward to your posts every every morning.

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