Safe in Italy

Florence, to be precise. It's magic. But we don't have internet at our place this time, so posts will probably be sparse.

Here's what I think so far:

*It's a bit warm here. What I mean to say: Good golly it's hot.

*There are people on little scooters (mopeds? vespas?) everywhere. And not just hip young teenagers, but middle-aged men and women, business people in suits, and the young folk.

*I just ate a pizza at a place called MaMMaMia. Among more traditional veggie toppings, it had thinly sliced zuchinni and carrots (!) on it. Sam was afraid of the carrots but they came out all roasty and sweet. Yummmmmm.

*Time for gelato. Caio.

P.S. Thank you for sweet comments on my last post. I was afraid to say it. You made me glad I did.


Mike and Emily said…
I still remember when we first got into Italy and we were walking super late at night in the ghetto. I thought we would die. I hope your reception in Italy was better this time. Less filled with fear of death.
belann said…
Sorry I missed your call about your arrival. Glad you are safe in Florence and it's lovely--even if hot. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!
Amara said…
I hope things calm down a little and you can relax and enjoy. You guys are everywhere so fast. Remember, I'm enjoying vicariously through you too! Do a good job!
Meeshab said…
I want to come be there with you. I wanted you to be here for Brinlee's blessing. I just read all of your posts. I loooooooooooove them. You are my most favorite writer. Can you email me or something? I texted you, i know it is hard to use your cell. Love you!

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