Playing Hard in Pink Shoes

I'm way behind, yo. We've been to Cinque Terre, now we're in Rome. We fly back to Paris tomorrow and then home to Boston the day after that.

I've gotta say, we've had a lovely lovely trip, but we're SO glad to be heading home.

Here's my advice: if you make it to Italy, the place to go is Cinque Terre. It was probably our favorite place throughout the whole trip. It's an area along the Northern coast, a series of five colorful little fishing villages. We went swimming in the Ligurian sea (which is very very salty, it seems to me), ate the best food of the trip (bruschetta, foccacia, pesto, pine nut gelato, chili pepper herb tea, etc), took a boat to a few other towns, lounged on the beach in fancy beach chairs and read books. A man walked down the beach carrying a big basket full of huge tropical leaves and chunks of fresh coconut shouting, "Coco, bella coco!" Oh how I loved that man. And each little town had a few friendly kitties lounging in the sun. It felt like a team of experts had designed the happiest place in the world for a Deja and a Sam. We were in love with each other and with that place.

Anyway, that's a very brief and sorry excuse for all the lovely days that have been in between my last post and now, but it's late and the Internet ticketh, and I still need to pack for Paris. But here are a few pictures.

The shoes.

Dang. And all I have time for are the shoes. I have more stories to tell. When my Internet isn't attached to a clock and a credit card, I will tell them.


k. double-u. said…
Love the shoes. I'm excited to hear your other stories.
eden said…
the shoes look lovely! i'm glad you've had a good time.

still so jealous over here.

so, so jealous.

but so very happy for you!
belann said…
I do so love the shoes. You were always good with picking the cute shoes. Glad you are leaving on a positive note. We wait patiently for the stories.
Alobar said…
When will the shoes come to my territory so that I may chew them up into small scraps of leather not worth eating?
Emily said…
Do you still use the "___ of my soul" expression? Did these shoes fit that category? I think those brown ones are my favorite.
Amara said…
love all of the shoes. Coming home is bliss --no matter how great vacation is.
Clayton Jensen said…
Wow Dej, all 3 pairs of shoes are SUPER cute!! I can't wait for more stories!
Sam Ruddick said…
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