Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sam and Deja at the Ballet

Pre-ballet, we went to dinner at a place that decorated with pots and silverware. Think of my fork bracelet. Is this not the perfect place for a Deja? Check out the light fixture above our table. Those are spoons.

Right when you walk in, there's a big tower of copper pots that twists like a DNA helix up to the ceiling. It was just gorgeous. I'd like to do that in my kitchen some day. But don't copper pots cost a couple hundred bucks a piece?

Here is the ballet building. Man oh man was it pretty.

It was even prettier on the inside. I don't think I've ever been somewhere so opulent.

And the ceiling. Loved the ceiling. It was Chagall, and I love me the Chagall.

And us, before we went in. Aren't we pretty, too? This reminds me of a picture we took before going to the Mobile, Mississippi ballet just after we started "hanging out." I'd post it as contrast, but the chubbiness I've acquired would make me weep, and I really want to keep feeling like I'm kind of pretty here.

A word on the preformance itself: wow. I forget how much I love to watch dance. This preformance had strains of modern dance it, and it was just incredible to watch the crisp, graceful shapes they made with their bodies. And their bodies were so strong and beautiful. The ballet itself was written as a series of tableaus, or relatively short numbers, each of them gorgeous, each of them with a small strange or lovely story. Seriously, wow.

After the ballet we went up the Eiffel tower. I know it's become sort of a cheesy tourist trap, but I have a crush on that place. I like to see it when we're around the city. I like it all lit up. Apparently, according to our cab driver, Obama's girls were up there just before us. So we're cool. Obama himself must have been giving a speech nearby because there were dozens of cop cars and we could see thousands of people at an event when we were up above. The pictures I took of the view aren't that great, but here's one from below.

After the tower, we stopped at a little cafe because Sam was starving. By this point it was after midnight, so it was really really weird when hundreds of roller blading people came cruising down the street. First there were just a few cops on bikes, then a few cops on rollerblades (with guns!), then a few guys in yellow shirts, then, literally, hundreds of people on skates, listening to Ricky Martin and rocking out. You just don't see something like that every day. They stopped for a while at the light and then carried on, rocking and skating away. Here's a lousy picture of them. I just couldn't get one to work--too dark, but this will give you a sense.

And since I can't leave you with such a lame picture, I give you one more. A piece outside the city museum of modern art. We weren't deeply impressed with the collection at this place. (We hear there's a much better one.) This could have been my favorite work of art. After we went through the museum, we sat on the patio with water and cookies, with the Eiffel Tower in sight, and talked about how much we like each other. That, really, was my favorite.


belann said...

Reading your commentary is almost as much fun as being there. Sounds wonderful. Was there graffiti on the statue--like tatoos? Thanks for posting.

Vegan Mothering said...

Someone has to get cultured! Glad it's you and that you're having a wonderful time. Your pics are very fun to look at. Try any delicious food yet?

Genevieve Beck said...

I'm loving the report! It sounds like you're having a great time. One of my favorite stories so far is the "Sami" one. I think you could travel and write about it as a second job. They are incredibly enjoyable!

Sam Ruddick said...

let them eat cake.

Mike and Emily said...

Love it. how was the food at the spoon place. With that kind of leg up, it had better be good! What a lovely time. AND you look lovely. I love the dress and I love you both looking so dazzling.

Emily said...

I second the travel writing. I'd buy it. And you looked marvelous at the ballet.