Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Too Late to be Awake

But I'm so taken with this line from Jean Rhys' book, Good Morning, Midnight and I updated my goodreads review of it to include this, and I want to record it here, too. So's I remember it.

Not even sure why I like this bit so, but I do:

"I want a long, calm book about people with large incomes--a book like a flat green meadow and the sheep feeding in it."

Maybe I like it because it's so not what this book is like--it's about a very poor, sad, desperate woman--and there's something delicious about saying that within its walls. Maybe its because I know that feeling--not just of wanting to read a book like that, but of wanting to BE a book like that--a calm book about a person with a large income, with something akin to well-fed, drowsy sheep. If only.


eden said...
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Gavin & Erin said...

The rich book sounds boring. I don't think people would want to read it. Unless they were ninja sheep.

belann said...

I hope your life at some point becomes the flat green meadow. I don't even care if the sheep are there. Just the flat green.

Mike and Emily said...

Maybe the flat green isn't worth it...sheep can be smelly. And noisy. With their BAH BAH here and there BAH BAh there...sheesh. I don't think it ever stops. I always always always love your posts and wake up in the morning hoping that you posted.