My New Most Favorite Summery Treat in the Whole Wide World

Strawberry Lemonade.

Check it. All you need: blender, some water, juice of two fresh lemons, 15-20 small frozen strawberries, a bit of stevia.

You do the thing and you make the thing and you put the stuff in the thing and then you blend the thing and then you drink it and then you are glad.

Watermelon? That works too. It's all summer in the tummy.


belann said…
Glad you can have a "little" treat.
Sam Ruddick said…
watermelon lemonade is the nectar of the gods. the gods being water (god of water) and melon (goddess of melons). when they get together, they make lemonade.
Amara said…
..and raspberries. But you don't drink the little seeds in the bottom of the glass.

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