Quoth the Raven, Ouch

I went to Dollar Tree the other day for frames. Dollar store frames are my favorite. I put several of our Europe trip postcards in them.

I also couldn't help picking up a cat toy for a buck. I got a little fake bird--styrofoam covered with feathers--thinking it might remind them of days at my parents' house when they were allowed outside. They'd catch big dirty birds, murder them, then drag them into the living room to show my parents. Much to my parents' delight, I can assure you. Apparently vacuuming up feathers is annoying. Who knew?

Now, from the way they sit in open windows, noses pressed longingly to the screens, I think they miss those days. So I bought the bird.

Meatsock immediately commenced murdering it. Until it is, after a day, as you see it here. Poor thing.

Here is Kitty, giving Bird a big friendly kiss.

And here he is again, just after he'd knocked it to the ground and gnawed its styrofoam jugular a little more. They're the best of friends.


Amara said…
I have days where I feel like that bird....OK last night was one of them. Good thing we have days where we're the cat too.
belann said…
Meaty would have a wonderful time in the yard now. We have a new family of baby quails living in the bishop's weed under the window. Best for the quails and our carpet, however, that he now resides in Boston.
Veganmothering said…
This is one of the funniest things I've seen in recent days!

Cats are kinda like kids--so cute and amusing at times.

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