Summer Dining

It's been hot here. 90 degrees by 10 in the morning, 97 by early afternoon. When we got out of our little yoga class yesterday, I groaned, "It feels like Mississippi." And it was so.

We're without air conditioning in our little place, which makes matters most unpleasant. The kitties station themselves under beds and couches and chairs, lying on their backs with paws tucked to their chests, surrendering. Sam and I sit on the couch, laptops in front of us, sweaty selves sticking to our clothes, writing and working or playing with blogs and facebook, and whining about the heat. Our two big fans make it sound like we're in an airplane, but do little for the actual temperature.

So yesterday we escaped to the only place that makes good sense: the movies! We drove downtown, parked under Boston Commons, and strolled over to the theater on Tremont. We went to that one specifically because it was showing two movies we wanted to see. As in, Sam went to one and I went to the other. He was in the mood for a horror/suspense (Orphan) and I was in the mood for looking at food (Julie and Julia).

(By the by, the movie was fun, but not as good as I had been led to believe. Did anyone else feel this way? Wasn't enough of a storyline or something. And although I wept (inexplicably) during half the scenes where Streep played Child, I was sort of annoyed by the contemporary character. Maybe I'm alone ...)

Anyway, when we got home it was just as hot, and although I fired up the oven to make these tasty items, I couldn't bear to be in the kitchen any longer. Sam, bless him, rigged up this little dining set up outside. Isn't it pretty? That's our back porch, which we should certainly take advantage of more often.

And here was dinner: big wooden bowl full three quarters of the way with spring mix, then the chickpeas, guacamole, Costco mango salsa, yellow peppers, chopped tomato. It was, if I do say so myself, so tasty.

Also, breakfast this morning. A bowl full of fruit, the ultimate summer dining. Kiwis, raspberries, blueberries, pineapple. And the husband suggested perhaps I bought too much fruit as Costco. As if!

(Okay, I did buy too much fruit at Costco. But look at how pretty! And I'm doing my best to gobble it so I can prove him wrong.)


Tia and Amara said…
I was wondering how you seasoned the chickpeas. Sounds like a great easy recipe. Looks wonderful!
Deja said…
You click on "these tasty items" it'll take you to the recipe. Sooooo good!
Veganmothering said…

We are have identical twin taste buds. I want to jump into the computer screen and grab every dish you post and eat, it.

k. double-u. said…
You can never buy too much fruit.
Sam Ruddick said…
dear everyone who reads deja's blog: i do enjoy the summery eating, that's for sure. i'm very well taken care of. insane, and undeserved. why do people love other people? do things for them? more specifically, why does deja love me? she's got the worst luck of anyone i know. but, on this heat issue, this bit addressed to the lovely wife as well as those who read her her blog and are therefore, i assume, cognisant of aforementioned loveliness: if you hate this heat as much as i do (and i sense you hate it more), why is it that you don't want to move north. we need to go north north north. like trondheim. or tallin. i mean, if we're not staying here. don't get me wrong. i love it here. but don't you think akureyri would be more comfortable this time of year? just a thought...
eden said…
i remember camping on cedar mountain with the family. super hot summer. even up in the mountains. we went down to the city and watched a movie just to feel air conditioning.

it was a nice escape... from our escape...
belann said…
I'm not sure you can buy too much fruit. Sounds like you used it well. Best for hot weather.
I kinda agree with you about "Julie and Julia." The scenes with Meryl in them were delicious. The Amy Adams storyline was somewhat less so. I just saw an interview with Meryl Streep on TV and she said she was playing "the Julia Child that existed in Julie's imagination," not necessarily the real one. So she was kind of idealized, whereas with Julie they seemed to want to emphasize her whininess and average-ness.

Also, Paris was lovelier than Queens and 1950s fashion can't be beat. So it wasn't quite a fair fight.

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