Pictured, Not Pictured

We had friends over for dinner last Sunday.

Yes, friends! I was as shocked as you are. They're ward friends who were excellent at ohhing and ahhing at our food and our little house and such. I like that a in a friend.

I managed to snap a picture of the table before they arrived.

Pictured: the pretty set of dishes Sam's mom gave us for Chistmas, hydrangeas from our yard, our special $1 placemats from Target, Sam's pink lemonade, and, in the back there, our glamorous trashcan. (Is the silverware on the wrong sides? Sam set the table, not that I know how to do it myself. Oh well.)

Not Pictured: green salad full of herbs (have you tried fresh dill in salad--yum!), homemade balsamic glaze, lemon cashew pesto with angel hair, broccoli, potato onion garlic bread from When Pigs Fly Bakery. For dessert, Celestial Cream (whipped cream sort of thing from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan), fresh blackberries/blueberries/strawberries/cherries, very naughty Blueberry Cranberry Lemonade bread from the same place.

Also not pictured: our lovely friends, our lovely conversation, a little Miles Davis in the background, our conversation about art and local thrift stores.

We had a smashing good time.


belann said…
Dinner sounds wonderful. Glad you recorded it.
Amara said…
This is the first time I remember you using the word "smashing". Must have been good for that. Is the celestial cream made with cashews too? I think I saw that on a blog. Mouthwatering menu --although with my cravings the breads are sounding way better than they should.
Jan said…
Under such delightful circumstances and with a menu like that, I'll be surprised if you don't have people lined up outside your door to be your best friends.

Veganmothering said…
When are you going to invite ME over for dinner.

I promise I'll be a very well behaved guest.
eden said…
i would be very happy to ooohh and ahh over every little thing if i were there to see it!

sounds absolutely wonderful.

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