Confessions at 10:13pm.

Gosh you people are kind. Thank you for telling me I'm normal. Made me want to cry some more.

This post was longer. Was rambling on, saying nothing really. I have a cold blah blah blah. Sam went to bed early so I watched a dumb movie blah blah blah. Today a lady stuck a bunch of acupuncture needles in my face blah blah blah. I ate some SOY DELICIOUS "ice cream" because I have a cold AND a sweet tooth that won't leave me alone. Blah blah blah.

But really, all I want to say: I have a PhD in English, and I still, on far too regular a basis, mix up my their/they're/there and my no/know. Not like I don't know which is which. I DO. I just type the wrong one like ALL the time. What is with that? It's particularly embarrassing when I send an email to a student with that mistake. Head smack.

I'm secretary of this department committee, which means I have to take minutes. And I submitted my minutes for review, and this lady, who looks like my kindergarten teacher (Mrs. Sanders) but ISN'T anything like my kindergarten teacher, pointed out four errors like that--not precisely like that, but stupid like that. I felt like pulling her hair. Ever since then, I've been terrified of everything I say or type.

I wish there was some pill I could take to cure me of such a horrifying habit. I could just wake up every morning, pop a homonym pill with my calcium supplement and be on my way for an error-free day. Is this not a good idea?


Amara said…
Spell check? I LOVE it when Ari's teacher does that. I LOVE it. Just makes people feel good when you mess up. Consider it service. What was that quote on the Thanksgiving post sign? "Only a mediocre person is always at their best"? something like that.
kathy said…
A homonym pill. Let me know when you develop that.

While you're at it, I need something that prevents me from incorrectly explaining simple concepts—like the passive voice or MLA formatting.
belann said…
Human error is something that no one has quite developed a pill to overcome. Keep your eyes open for "Mrs. Sanders" mistakes. She'll make em eventually, and then you can quietly breathe a sigh of vindication.
Genevieve Beck said…
So know what you mean! I hated when I made mistakes on the board to the 6th graders that I had been doing my darndest to drill into their heads. Good times. It's a little worse now with law professors. I swear they never make those mistakes--but I'm probably just missing them.

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