Healthy Shmealthy.

Went to this presentation on campus today, mostly because it involved a free "healthy" lunch. And the lunch was good, and healthy: grilled chicken with mango salsa, broccoli, salad, squash chunks. Finished off with a cup of light strawberry yogurt with fresh strawberries.

And afterwards, sitting there, listening to all of these feisty New England woman bicker back and forth, obsessing over calories and trans fats and pedometers and how many weight watchers points are in a chicken wing, I couldn't help but think, "Well, that was fun. Now it seems we should all eat a lot of cake."

I tried to tell this to the woman next to me. She didn't seem amused.

But I AM trying not to eat so many sweets, again. My witty and delightful Chinese herbalist (yes, I have a Chinese herbalist.) made a compelling case for it, having to do with my stomach chi or my spleen fire or something like that.

So, here's to cups of light yogurt!

No, actually, I find them to be yucky.

So ... maybe ... here's to drinking warm, satisfying, belly-chi-comforting cups of herb tea!

Except for my comforting cup of tea this morning burned the hell out of my tongue. So that's not very comforting at all.

So maybe just, here's to insisting the husband polish off the rest of the chocolate!

He hasn't needed much encouragement for that. And if it's not in front of my face, maybe my brain will eventually leave me alone and stop calling so sweetly for a little scrumptious something to put on my poor burned tongue.


kathy said…
Christopher says that our taste for fats and oils is acquired, and that your preference can be changed in about eight weeks. Two months from now, you might not even like chocolate (hmm...that sounds questionable).
Deja said…
It'll take 8 weeks?!

I give up. :)
belann said…
Chinese herbalists are a good thing.
Kira said…
I would have laughed and then gone to Mimi's with you for desert.....sorry.
Kira said…
P.S. EIGHT weeks?!?!? Who has 8 weeks of will power?
P.S. Didn't you and Meesha not eat sugar for a long till you "RE-aquire" the taste.... a minute?

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