New Look

Too much? Cheesy?

I'm afraid of it. I don't think I like these weird buttony things on the sides.

Your thoughts?


Amara said…
I like it, but it looks a little like Stacey's:
Bryson & Tara said…
I really like the new look...but I'm also kind of a cheesy take it for what it's worth!

By the way, regarding your post from a few weeks ago about girlfriends (it's been weeks since I've looked at people's blogs)...I have recently learned how important they are! For about the first year of marriage (and probably most of our dating and engagement time), I was just obsessed with Bryson, and didn't feel a need to have "girl time". And then, I realized I missed it desperately. There's just something about talking with a good girlfriend that you can't get from talking with a husband, or any other guy. So, I understand. I'm here for you if you want to chat, though I'll warn you that I'll whine about pregnancy things for at least part of the conversation! I'm hoping I find some girls I really get along with when we move to Texas...kind of scared about that.
Annie & Roo said…
If your blog background was a coat, I'd wear it--wierd buttony things and all.

I can commiserate with you lately. We have two dogs and a cat, so when they get along it is a miracle! And where girl friends are concerned--I feel totally helpless in that arena. I grew up with boys and have never had a relationship with a girl that didn't feel at least somewhat superficial. I blame myself for that, but realize it can be hard to find people you really connect with. I think it takes letting your guard down, being willing to share.
Kira said…
I like it. It does look like Staceys though. I like Staces too.
Genevieve Beck said…
I think black and white is always a classy choice.
The funny thing is, even though I do most of the writing, most of the blog buddies are Michael's. Not to mention, he has a whole slew of relatives. He just updated it for me so some of my friends are on the list too now. I'm feeling a little more involved.
Meeshab said…
I like it, it looks like YOURS. Your buttony things set it apart!

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