Success! Progress! Happy Cats!

Today was a milestone in our household, at least kitty-wise.

We fed them. They did this:

This may not seem shocking. They're just eating next to one another. But the proximity is key. For reference, the kitty on the left is my cat, Meatsock. The one on the right is Sam's, Tadzio. They're tough, territorial fellows. Or at least they'd like everyone to think that. They're actually desperately affectionate saps. I mean that in a good way.

Do they hate each other? Yes, yes they do. Since Meaty arrived, they pretty much haven't been able to coexist in the same room without a festival of hissing, a flurry of paw swipes. But slowly, in the last week or so, they've been cozying up to one another, relatively speaking. I caught them napping on the same bed a few nights ago. Not snuggling, mind you. But on the same bed. Shocking behavior.

And then. This moment! The one you see here! Eating! Right next to each other!

Granted, they were starving. They'd been alone all day with empty bowls. But still.

And then the girl kitty (Sprout) came over, too. So all the kitties were exisiting in unity and culinary joy. A Tadzio sandwich of love. A pleasant feasting. Sam and I stood in the kitchen, grinning, nearly shouting. Such a lovely moment in our cat family.
Although, you can see in this picture that the men have begun to eye each other, have realized their new peaceful dwelling habits, and are considering reconsidering.


Amara said…
Love the last picture. The ears are even flattening back. You and Garret even learned to co-exist eventually (right? kind of? :)). Of course they'll get there.
Kira said…
Keaton said he really doesn't like that kitty looking mean at Meaty. He really misses those cats. Shouldn't he get visitation or something?
belann said…
Kind of miss those kitties. I'm glad to hear they are doing well.
Sam Ruddick said…
yeah, well, my cat doesn't like keaton either.

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