Meet a Geep.

This is a geep, which is a bioengineered combination of a sheep and a goat. No, really. Did you know they could do this?

They--the proverbial they, which means smart people, scientists--have also figured out how to make real human blood run the veins of cows. And there are apparently some mice with teeny tiny human kidneys. So, soon we'll be harvesting cows for blood transfusions and organ transplants. I know not what to think of this.

I learned this on RadioLab. If you don't listen to Radiolab, I suspect your life is not as quite as happy and fascinating as it could be.

Anyway, since I heard the podcast, this question has been nagging me: How will God go about separating the sheep from the goats if they're all geeps? I'm not just being cute. I mean, the question amuses me. But I wonder about it. When Jesus made His statement on the subject (in Matthew 25: 31-34), did He know that someday we'd literally combine the two and mess up the metaphor? I assume the Heavens knew something about it.

But now, writing this, it occurs to me that maybe we haven't messed up the metaphor at all. Maybe it just underscores the idea that we're all a little sheepy, a little goaty. We're geeps, every one. And we just have to hand over the goat bits.

Perhaps a timeless metaphor, after all. I'm not surprised.


Amara said…
Is Radiolab all science? I knew they were closely related (sheep and goats) because in this book "In Search of the Snow Leopard" (is that the title?)the one guy is studying a primitive ancestor to both groups. Wierd book. Also could be symbolic --we start out as a mixture, and are changed and purified into sheep.
eden said…
"a little sheepy, a little goaty." i like it. it makes sense. thanks for sharing!
Elise said…
This funny. Because I just barely listened to this podcast. Isn't RadioLab delightful?
kathy said…
You are truly the best.
Brad and Erica said…
I never comment on your blog, Deja, but I love it! Thank you for sharing so many things that go on in your head. I always feel enlightened afterwards.

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