I Have Seen the Clothes of the Future, and I am afraid

Okay, so much to say, but the clock's a'ticking at the old Internet Train Cafe, and so I must be brief.

-David is one sexy beast.

-Uffizi Gallery gives you the history of art in under 2 hours, but by the end you want to kill yourself.

-Pizza is yummy, even without cheese.

-I bought a black leather purse, thinking I would be practical because I don't have one, then remembered I DOOOO have one. I should have bought the pink one after all.

-Lemon gelato. Pistachio gelato. Coconut gelato. Chocolate gelato. Minty chocolate gelato.

-Sam stepped in a big pile of crap. I tried to say, lookout lookout! But he didn't know what to look out for. Next time, we have a code word.

-I have a fierce cold and sore throat. I blame this on the gelato.

-Italian people hate me. I can't speak Italian, so they either look at me like I'm a moron or ignore me. It's depressing.

-The truth: we wish we could say we were enjoying Florence more. It is damn crowded and damn hot and sometimes it smells like sewage, and the locals seriously seem so irritated with tourists. Not that I can blame them. We're doing our best to fall in love, but both of us are getting ill and it's making it hard. Tomorrow we have absolutely nothing on the schedule. That will help, we hope.

Any tips on what to do when you're weary of travel?


Mike and Emily said…
Hm. Hm. Remember when we were tired of Rome and tried to spend a day at the beach down south? I think we had the right idea (beach, books, pizza, gelato), but execution was flawed (although brilliant in the end). Maybe get a wee bit out of Florence for the day and get yerself a bit o countryside?
eden said…
so sorry! and so sad! i'm all ready to fall in love with italy.

maybe i should learn italian first.

wish i had a suggestion but i don't. i hope it gets better though!
k. double-u. said…
Think of what you might be doing if you were someone else. For instance, if you were me, you'd be sitting on your couch in Provo, distracting yourself with the internet instead of finishing your syllabus for a summer class that starts next week. Florence looks better by comparison.
Amara said…
I agree with the countryside thing. My neighbors loved that the best of all Italy. Or just relax. Jeez.
Amara said…
What's with the clothes title?
Julie Bree said…
I think that Florence was my least favorite city that we visited in Italy for many of the same reasons. Try somewhere else--I second the countryside if you are feeling sick. I fell in love in Venice.
Spencer G said…
Gelatto is what I usually turned to for feeling better about hot, sweay european days. If you do need a change, I really loved Sienna, a day there would be well spent, and, if you're okay with going a bit further, Perugia and Assisi... oh, I loved Assisi. Anyway, this'll probably come too late to help, but it is so lovely reading about your travels.

Seriously, just have a day eating nothing but gelatto!
belann said…
Everything looks worse when you are not feeling well. Just rest and stay close to the apt. until you both feel better, or until it is time to leave Florence--whichever comes first. If it's crowded and hot, you won't make many good memories anyway.
Sam Ruddick said…
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Sam Ruddick said…
Chekhov says: "Jean Shtcheglov, in whose company you were so bored for a whole evening, is a great opponent of every sort of heresy..."

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