Bleeding Papercuts

Started back at school yesterday. Before my first class, making copies: the English faculty member who reminds me of my kindergarten teacher and always corrects me came in, said hi. I was literally trembling, I was so nervous and scared about being back there, having to see these people who have become big scary meanies in my head. I was trembling so badly that I gave myself TWO papercuts. And they bled profusely for some reason. So there I was, trying to have a pleasant chat about Kindergarten Teacher's holiday break, bleeding my heart out. Good grief.

But anyway, it's been okay so far. Incredible what even one semester of experience will do to make me more comfortable. I'm teaching the same classes, too. So I can directly apply what went terribly wrong, I hope.

Not to mention, hurrah for thyroid medication. For those of you who don't know, the symptoms are as follows: weight gain (hello 30+ pounds in the last few months), lack of energy (yes yes), low immunity (raging colds last semester), hair loss, itching, depression, etc etc etc. You see? Was this not my life, faithful Internet? And now, can't say all is perfect. And they say it takes two weeks to really kick in. But I can say that since the day I started it last week, I have felt worlds better. I actually feel like waking up in the morning. I managed to finish all my syllabi. I invested in an elliptical machine (because I kept trying to go to the gym and finding ice on my car, inches thick.) and have been on it every day. And just, I don't know, it's not this daunting task to brush my teeth, like it was. It's a miracle, seriously. You have no idea.


eden said…
i'm sorry about the paper cuts, but yay for thyroid medication! i'm glad you're feeling so much better so quickly. i hope it continues!
Amara said…
So glad there's some sunshine in your world now. It reminds me of when Ari "wasn't deaf enough for a cochlear implant". You'd think a further hearing loss wouldn't be a positive, but when it finally qualified her we were so grateful. Glad you were finally worthy of being helped.
belann said…
Gotta feel good to have enough energy to brush your teeth. It truly does make a difference.
Jamie said…
When I first read this, I thought you said you invented an elliptical machine. I was incredibly impressed and started wishing I had thyroid problems so I could take a pill that would turn me into some kind of McGyver superwoman.

But then my brain started working, and I processed the word correctly. I still am impressed, but not to the point where I'm wishing a medical problem on myself. Those symptoms do not sound fun. I am glad that you are feeling so much better.
kathy said…
Hooray for thyroid meds! Nothing like feeling like you can actually walk up stairs without sacrificing all your energy for the rest of the afternoon.
Kira said…
Thyroid meds change lives.... especially for Earley girls. Congratulations.... brush away.
P.S. With Keaton I gained 45 pounds during the pregnancy. With this one I am 7 mos and have gained 5, I LOVE thyroid meds. I will walk out of delivery smaller then I went it....YAHOO!
Mike and Emily said…
So glad you're feeling better and the semester is looking brighter. Kindergarten teachers are supposed to be nice. Have you informed her of such?

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