Can I Teach With My Eyes Closed?

What is with these students giving me weird looks? I've got this one class that seems a total dud, at least so far. We've met three days, and I've managed to squeeze a total of five comments from the whole lot of them. Instead they look at me like I'm nuts, like I'm wearing a monkey on my head, dancing the jitterbug, and eating a raw potato.

I wish I WERE wearing a monkey on my head, dancing the jitterbug, and eating a raw potato--with my eyes closed. That might be more interesting. Students are so boring when they're quiet. Boring and scary.

It doesn't help that the first two days of class I didn't have a PEN or a PENCIL, so I had to borrow one to take roll. How did I end up with everything but a writing utensil? How? And then today I left the house late and got stuck in horrible traffic on top of it. So I was twenty minutes away when class started. Real smooth. I called and had someone run over there to tell them to wait for me, but by the time I got there one person had already left, and two more were literally on their way out the door. Were they happy to see me? No, no they weren't. One kid said, too loudly, "Shoot (but not shoot)," as I was walking in. Warms the heart, that does. And then on and on with the silent treatment and the dirty looks.

I'm a really nice girl. Will someone please tell my comp class that?


Amara said…
American Life" podcast called "ruining it for the rest of us". It one of the stories is about "bad apples" and you one person can destroy a whole group. It was so interesting --new study or something. Don't take it personally, don't you remember feeling like that when your professor was late? College is the only thing where people DON'T want to get their money's worth.
kathy said…
So sorry! Don't worry; they'll see how delightful you are soon enough. They're all just depressed to be coming back to school in freezing January. Winter's rough.

I'm teaching a 150 class with only 12 students and I totally know what you mean. I told them all to come have a 5-minute personal conference with me after class on Tuesday. I think that's changed the class dynamics at least a little bit.
Amara said…
The beginning of my comment said: You have to listen to the "This..... (I got cut off with blogger, long story)
eden said…
I say yes. Teach with your eyes closed while dancing the jitterbug- or whatever it was you said. It could make it more interesting. But really, like Kathy said, most likely none of them really want to be back at school. I think things will get better soon. I'll pray for you that they do! And that's not a desperate prayer, it's a hopeful one.

ps I'm kind of surprised Sam chose the purpley one. Do you want me to make you a different one? Pink? Something else? Just let me know.
Sam Ruddick said…
if you kill one of them, it should set an example.
belann said…
Amara's story is right. Usually it's just one or two vocal ones that you feel are expressing the sentiments of the group. 95% are pleased with you and the class already, but are too afraid to speak against the loud mouths. Your dad calls them the dirty 5%.
Anonymous said…
We like Sam's idea. I think that would get their attention better than the monkey suit. If you need a monkey suit though you can borrow Maggie's Curious George pjs. They have feet so you would be warm in the cold.
Mike and Emily said…
I will be pleased to make an announcement. I'll give some fierce looks. Then a few nice ones. I'll give a slide presentation to show how cool and nice you are. With emotional music. Maybe EFY. And then stand there with a ruler ready for a smack-down to silence any who disagree. Your department will be okay with that, no? That should loosen those suckers right up.

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