I Dream of Spring

Just before I wake up, I've been dreaming that it's spring. I notice it's spring because everyone's wearing light pretty dresses and the sun is warm on my arms and shoulders and forehead and we're outside in the grass eating strawberries or something lovely like that. It's that perfect, cool, breezy warm. And I'm happy.

For some reason our house has been toastier in the morning, and I feel so cozy under our faux-down comforter that I believe it's spring. I think about what to wear to work, and I have to remind myself that it's chin-freezing cold outside, that there's a three-inch layer of ice on our driveway and sidewalk, that I must incorporate tights into my outfit or die.

And still, I don't believe it. I think, but it was just sunny and springy, wasn't it? Self, I say, that was a DREAM. Give it up already.

And still, at the end of the day, when I'm trying to steer the cold wheel with the tips of my fingers and avoid crashing into the massive banks of snow and ice that line every road, I think: Maybe it will be warmer tomorrow. It's almost spring, right? We've been doing this winter thing for quite awhile.

Self, I say, we're not even close. We haven't even officially reached the other side of January. Keep dreaming.


belann said…
Your dad and I would join you in your dreams of Spring. He says "it's Spring now," so often that sometimes he has me convinced that there really isn't that much snow on the ground.
Sam Ruddick said…
i'm finding the winter okay. i mean, it's right outside our front door, obviously, so i don't have to look for it really hard, and therefore don't have much trouble "finding" it. but what i mean is that i kind of like it. it doesn't bother me much. i'm okay with it. the spring will bring the mud back. not much looking forward to that.
Amara said…
Sam obviously has never planted a garden! I've got to send him some seed catalogs. What about the "Lola Rossa" lawn he's planting?? Dad and I are starting seeds now --the ultimate in hopefulness.
Mike and Emily said…
I want spring too! nowish.
kathy said…
Happy Groundhog Day. I hope the groundhog's wrong this year.
I DREAM OF SPRING TOO! Today was groundhoggie's day...I hate that effing ground hog. One of these days, just once, I wish he would tell me, yep, spring is a'comin...like now. I spent an entire 20 mins of my meeting today NOT concentrating on how Democracy in Korea has affected their economy, but thinking about which side of my apt. complex pool I will spend the most time laying on reading whatever my heart chooses this summer...sigh...I dream too.

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