Sleep Tight

This is the second Sunday in a row that church has been cancelled. That's right, cancelled. It has DUMPED snow the last two weekends, and it's just too risky for the whole ward to try and get there. You think this might be kind of cool: a bishop-sanctioned day off. But really I just go sort of loopy. Today I stayed in bed until two, napping and reading and petting my cats. Then I got really really depressed. Which is what usually happens when I stay in bed until two.

So, I offer three things of interest:

1. Sam and I were convinced we had bedbugs last night. Utterly convinced. Our bed and mattress are brand new from Ikea, but still. We were so itchy that neither of us could sleep. After blissfully considering flaying myself, I decided we should change the sheets (which we had just changed the night before). Sam lifted up the mattress pad to discover a frightening collection of small black things. They were about twice the size of poppyseeds, looking like eggs or dead bugs or something terrifying. Has anyone seen the movie Bug? I haven't, but Sam told me about it awhile ago, and apparently it's about this couple who becomes totally convinced that bugs are living in their bed and in their skin and teeth and curtains and such. They're totally paranoid and crazy (at least we assume they are), and I felt like that couple. We were crouched by our lamp, holding these little bug carcasses, saying, "Did you see that one move? I think one moved." We looked them up on the internet, and they look like this:

And this:

Ewww, no? So we were ready to make up the futon, ready to call pest control and condemn the place, ready to run screaming out into the snow, when I thought, wait a minute. Sam used to put catnip underneath the mattresspad to woo his kitty into sleeping there by his feet. These little black things didn't look like catnip, and they were more in the middle of the bed, but I thought, hey, maybe the seeds. I looked it up online, and bingo. Look:

That was what we had in our bed, hundreds of catnip seeds. A little water, sunlight, dirt and we would have had a garden. Our kitties would LOVE that.

(Still don't know why we were so itchy. Changing the sheets helped. We're thinking maybe our skin was dry from the heater running at full blast? Hmmm.)

2. In other news, our newest neice finally arrived. Isadora Lynn, the first grandkid on Sam's side. Sweet, no? Infinitely cuter than a bedbug.

3. Speaking of sweet, my newest, most favoritest, most easiest dessert object. This seriously takes 30 seconds to put together, and with some nice light vanilla ice cream, it's really been hitting the spot, for not many calories. The warmness is especially nice when it's like 4 degrees outside. It also doesn't have splenda, which I lived on for a sugarfree year and half, and now deeply loathe. Real sugar, real flour, a fairly generous portion, and you won't die.

Any Fruit Cobbler

1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup skim milk
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 cups of your favorite fruit, for cobbler (I didn't use a full two cups, I don't think. I just dumped some frozen berries on there and popped it in the oven.)

1Combine all of the ingredients except the fruit in a bowl.
2Pour it into an 8x8 pan coated with cooking spray.
3Add the fruit right on top.
4The crust will come up over the fruit and cover it.
5Bake in a 350 degree oven for 40 minutes.


Amara said…
OK, but you have to give me the skinny: can you eat the whole thing? How many calories would that be?
kathy said…
I'm glad you didn't have bedbugs. To get rid of bedbugs in Hawaii, you spray the mattress and then haul it outside to bake the little critters in the sun. Given the load of snow, I don't think that taking your mattress outside would be the best idea.
eden said…
the crust part comes over and covers the fruit? that's magical. thanks for sharing!
Stephanie said…
I enjoyed your bedbug story. I thought it was pretty funny and I can totally picture you freaking out over it. Oh how I miss hanging out with you and Em.
belann said…
Hope the itchiness is better. Truly do think it is a result of extra cold weather and the drying effects of indoor heat.

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