The doctors of this town have FINALLY deemed me worthy of thyroid medication.

After getting tested over and over again with various docs, after detailing my symptoms for them (which are ALL symptoms of low thyroid), after drawing them pictures of my immediate-ish family tree (which has a half-dozen thyroid problems perched in it), and after giving up hope they'd ever believe me. Now. Now they fork it over.

I know it seems weird to be sort of, like, happy about having a disease. But trust me. If this stuff works, it's wonderful news in Dejaland.


belann said…
Just hope it solves the problems.
Kira said…
Thyroid medication is the medication of the Gods. I hope you enjoy every minute of it.
eden said…
i'm so glad for you. it is always a little relieving to hear that there's a reason for something that's going on even if it's not really "good" news, right? maybe not ALWAYS... but maybe?

anyway, i'm glad!
kathy said…
Isn't it the weirdest sort of relief when someone says, "Oh, I believe that something in your body is actually wrong. Let's cancel that order I put in for your Xanax." I need your doctor's name and number.
Mike and Emily said…
What symptoms come from thyroid probs? Whatever they are...I hope you don't have to deal with them any more!
Thyroid medication? Do we have that in our family tree? Does it cure weight gain and hair loss? How about grey hair and insanity? If so, sigh me up. It must be the elixer of the gods. Oh goodness, I'm spelling and punctuating this thing all wrong... Dont... you... Hate... it.... when... people dont.. use good English? Glad to year you've got an answer! Love ya!

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