In Happier News

I got word this morning that my essay on my polygamist ancestors got accepted for the CEA conference in Baltimore. So we'll head down there beginning of March. Any thoughts on Baltimore?

More beautifully, Sam and I bought tickets for Europe. We got a deal. And in the end, throwing around dates, we decided if we're gonna go, we ought to just stay and stay. So we'll be gone for almost the entire month of June. Sweet bliss.

We fly in and out of Paris, but we're planning on bopping around all over the country. Any suggestions? We're planning on some time in Paris, a few days in London, a week or so in Norway. And we're thinking one other place. Any thoughts, Folks?

Also, if you've had lovely experiences in any of the places I mentioned, tell me everything, please.

Only downside: leaving our kitties. Cue another picture of Meatsock, as a babe.


I think the name "Meatsock" is sooo hi-larious!
Brooke said…
Paris... Fantastic! But if you're going to go to several different museums, buy a pass! Go to a lesser known museum to get them (you won't wait in line for four hours)then you can skip right by the six hour line at the Louvre! And be sure to find the line to take the elevator to the top of the Eiffel tower. We got in the wrong line and had to walk. I thought I was gonna die by the time we got to the second level. Anyway, Paris advice from a total stranger... Have Fun!
Amara said…
OOOOOOOOOOH I'm so jealous. I got furniture, I guess that should make me feel better (no more guests breaking dining chairs during dinner parties, no more sitting on the floor for movies), but it doesn't. Hooray for you. I mean booyah. I'm trying to be cool (I can't really pull that off can I?).
Lizzie Jones said…
Italy Italy Italy Italy Italy Italy Italy!!!! I could give you the best list of things to see off the beaten path that no one knows about. For example... there is this lovely village outside of Florence where you can buy bread and cheese and sit on a wall overlooking the entire Tuscan valley... and in June the sunflowers look their best.
eden said…
for the other place - i say definitely italy! rome, florence, wherever. that is where i have always wanted to go and i'm sure it's wonderful. go and take lots of pictures!

that sounds like such a wonderful trip!
Mike and Emily said…
There's this great little city in Italy called Brindisi. I really recommend it. The concrete beaches are the best. And, as we all know, it boasts the best hostels in the land. And the best big-headed Chris picture.
kathy said…
We ate at one of the 2 restaurants on the Eiffel Tower. It was a bit pricier than most places, but served the best French Onion Soup I have ever eaten.
Anonymous said…
Well, when Erin and I were in Italy, Germany and Spain we really enjoyed the... ummmm.. Yeah, we never went. We are jealous though. We are excited for you. I would say visit Spain because you know some Spanish. I doubt they have very good burritos though.
Jealous. Jealous.. Ahh.. trying not to covet Europe tickets!

Go to an opera for me. Visit all the musical greats from Germany. Tell Bach hello for me. Listen to those organs for me, if the Vienna Boys Choir is singing... tell them I love them and try every Sunday to get my boys to dress and sing just like them! How fun!
Emily said…
The only places I've been to in Baltimore are Inner Harbor and the Blacks in Wax Museum. Both were cool. I like saying Blacks in Wax. Blacks in Wax. But if you go there, don't go to the exhibit downstairs. They have warning signs and children under 13 are not allowed. They show lynchings and other horrific things I don't like to remember. Wow, what a bummer of a comment! Sorry! Yay for Europe!

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