Cats Heart Garbanzos

I opened up a few cans of garbanzo beans to make a salad, and my cats came dashing into the kitchen as if I were opening kitty chow.

No, they were more enthusiastic than that. It was like their long lost brothers were trapped in those cans, and I had finally agreed to release them. I thought they'd be deterred when I set a few on the tile, that they'd see they were boring old beans. But they were even more excited. MeowmeowMEOW they said.

Sam's cat, on the other hand, was not as thrilled with his bean. He gave us the look that he gives us when he sits patiently by the table and we finally offer him a bit of soy-meat. It's this look that so clearly says, "Humans, that's not food. I'll be fine, really. I'm just worried for you two. You're eating dirt."

Which seems a normal reaction for a cat. Clearly, my cats are hippies. They cry for spinach, for brown rice, for SEAWEED. And now, garbanzos.


kathy said…
Smart kitties. Garbanzos are yummy.
Amara said…
Is this a first time for them? Maybe it reminds them of the Johnny Jump-ups they ate all summer.
eden said…
i love this story. especially your interpretation of sam's cat's expression.

you're great.
belann said…
Clearly, the largely vegetarian diet we ate while they were here had a nice influence on those kitties.
Jamie said…
Hee hee. Kitties are funny.
Kira said…
They lived with Mom and Dad for 4 months, clearly that is the issue. They went back to their roots.

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