A Lone and Faithful Student

Only one student showed up for my class on Whitman today. Count him, ONE.

The two of us found this very disturbing.

We discussed the possibility of a grand plot against Whitman class. We discussed alien abduction. We discussed mass stomach bugs.

And then we went home.

Now I'm considering the possibility that no one likes me.

Worms, anyone?


It's nice is they like you, but it doesn't really matter. I think that it is your responsibility to punish those students. First, because it will be fun. Second, because they can't succeed in school that way. I say that they missed a participation point day. And it was worth a lot of points.
Oh, I forgot to say...Why wouldn't they like you? Your great. Don't give them power over you. (It's hard not too.)
Amara said…
I've had days with no one. You can't take it personally (but we all do).
Jan said…
Maybe I'm crazy, but I would have given that one student the lecture of all lectures. Reward the students that show up. Personal time with the Amazing Deja--what could be better111
Spencer G said…
If it happens again, don't expect them in class anymore. They'll be dead.
Vegan Mothering said…
Absolutely NOT a possability.
kathy said…
No way. I'm so sorry. If anyone should feel bad, it should be whitman—not the illustrious deja.
Mike and Emily said…
maybe they like you but you just smell really bad? (tee hee)
It's not you, it's Whitman. Trust me, not everyone likes the writers like you and Kathy...enough said.

Now, onto punishment, you should definitely have a pop quiz and not make the person who was there take it. make them sweat, and then decide if you are really going to count it against them in the end.

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