Does Spring Read my Blog?

Don't get me wrong, it was still fairly cold today. And I hear the hoggie saw his stupid shadow. But it was actually, sort of, warmish today. A bold 42. I didn't even wear my coat once I got to campus. I could imagine what it will be like when my long sleeve shirt is unbearable.

And yet, I fell on my tush. I've been stepping lightly for weeks now, mincing my way like a grandma down our sidewalk so as not to slip. Of course this evening, when the warming weather brought down my gaurd just a touch, I ate it. Good thing I have such a cushy rear, and good thing I landed on it and not my bones.


Amara said…
40 something here too! It's hard not to get my hopes up.
eden said…
dej, i always have at least one big fall a winter. hasn't happened yet... i might actually escape it this year. (knock on wood) but, yay for 40+ degree weather!
belann said…
I heard another big storm is coming your way, so I hope you enjoyed the warm. Be careful on the ice. Falls can be nasty.
Annie & Roo said…
that's what tushes are for--to thwart winter.

Sorry you fell down, though.
Mike and Emily said…
I took one of those a few weeks ago. It shocked me so badly that I had to stand there and whimper for a few minutes while the entire side of my body and face were covered in powder. I hate ice. Ice. baby.
Sam Ruddick said…
am i the only one who loves this weather?

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