Too Broke to be Rich, too Rich to be Broke

Sam and I just got back from an appeal hearing with MassHealth. Remember that one time when I went to the ER without insurance? And remember that other time when Sam went to the ER without insurance?

The story of why we didn't have insurance and why we didn't even have the option of insurance is long, and no one wants to hear it. The basic word is, we make too much for them to help us out with the $12,000 price tag for those visits.

We whined, officially. Because trust me, we're not rolling in that kind of dough.

And they said, officially: "Sorry. That actually does sound pretty lame and unfair. But we can't help you. Pay up, Puppies."

We'll try a few other minor routes, but at this point I'm guessing it would cost more to fight than to pay, and the fight is with state laws.

So I'm pouting. Pout pout pout.


Amara said…
Dang. I hate stories like that.
Elise said…
I'm shocked you can't get benefits with your job. That's a crime.

And that's lame. The price tag for Brad's ER appendectomy was a handsome 20K. Yeesh.
Kira said…
One thing I am continually grateful for is good insurance. How did we grow up without it? Blessed? Keaton was 23K after all was said and done...we paid a $25 copay. This little girl is going to make that look like chump change. I am glad you are on insurance now. Just pretend you decided to have 2 great nights instead of a new car :) ?
Deja said…
Sorry for being unclear: we DO have health benefits now. We just didn't for the first 60 days of my job, couldn't get temporary insurance (because it doesn't really exist in MA.), and managed to land in the ER twice in the meantime.

Sam's latest ER visit cost 50 bucks. So we're okay. We just have a big meanie bill.
Alobar said…
You may want to check if there is any recourse through the state medicaid program. Some times if you can prove residence and that it is not a pre-existing condition the state will cover you.

Also, if you had benefits previously, you may be eligible under COBRA (although I am not sure what the regs may be about retroactive claims).

Unfortunately (or not) being in the industry, I know a bit about this. I can help you navigate your options if you wish.

That is, Alpha Male can help you, Me, I don't know much about it if it doesn't involve Scooby snacks...
Emily said…
The curse of the middle class. We're in the red every month now that we're three and on one income. But we don't qualify for WIC. Riiiiiiiiiight.
kathy said…
Ouch. I'm soooo sorry.

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