What Sam Said

Today, at lunch, Sam held up a piece of lettuce, a heart of romaine that looked like a pale green spine. “I wish you could see yourself in this piece of lettuce,” he said.
“Uhhh, hmm. I don’t think I get it,” I said.
“I wish it was a little mirror, and I could hold it up like this, and you could see how pretty you are, sitting over there.”


belann said…
Sam is definitely sweet. However, a wilted green piece of lettuce is not a bad description of how you have been feeling.
Mike and Emily said…
unexpected. i like it.
Kira said…
I think it should be that curly leaf Kale next time. I think maybe you could see yourself in that?
Sam Ruddick said…
it was iceberg. crisp and white. like my wife.
Oh, you lucky woman, you. I love that he loves you so. Leaves the rest of us hoping that we will be so lucky to find a man with such ways.
Bryson & Tara said…
I just love reading your blog! It makes me smile. I'm glad you and Sam are so in love and doing well...

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