Nevermind, Spring Hates Me.

Dumping snow, now. Maybe, just maybe, we'll have another day off school tomorrow. And then I can stay home and get really bummed out again. I LOVE doing that.

In other minor news, last night Sam and I went to CVS to pick up a prescription. When I was backing out of my parking spot, I stopped short because there were three missionaries walking behind me. One of them held up his hand, and I was convinced he flipped me off. CONVINCED.

Horrified, ready to scold the naughty young one, I threw open my door and yelled, "Excuse me, but did you just flip me off?!" You should have seen the fellow shudder, cringe. I thought he would weep. "No no! I was just holding my hand up to say thank you!" I apologized, told him I was LDS, hence my concern.

For some reason this incident was wildly funny to me. I don't know that the poor missionary felt the same way.

Oh, and, I slipped on the ice again today. This time I landed on my side, which is also cushy. It made my shoulder ache so much that the doctor insisted on an x-ray to check for fractures. No fractures. I'm as fit as a fiddle. If fiddles can have raging PMS.


eden said…
oh dej, i'm so sorry! i hope you find something fun to do if you do get work off.

and that story about the missionaries... i'm laughing. hard.
Kira said…
I just picture Gavin in your story. Great.
Amara said…
That's hilarious. "Cringing and shuddering" great description.
Emily said…
Your posts are so great. I look forward to them. And I'm glad you had the nerve to call that Elder out. He must have been shaking in his boots. And my favorite line of all the previous posts I've read, "incorporate tights in my outfit or die." I hate winter in the North East.
kathy said…
Ha! Sounds like that missionary crapped his pants when you called him out. Every missionary needs a moment like that.
belann said…
Spring will come. Bet the poor missionaries are hoping for Spring too. Gotta be hard being out in that stuff--probably make you want to "flip someone off"--even if he didn't.

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